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Friday, February 9, 2018

Violence in Change is Inevitable...

So you watch the stock market - up thousands and thousands of points since President Trump took office - and you think there will not be violent storms at the daily and weekly levels?

An American sniper - a Patriot - takes out some mid-to-high-level tyrant somewhere on the face of this planet and you think there will not be fighting in the ranks of the dead guy's organization?  He takes out some rag-head PoS who is targeting US troopers, and you think there won't be blow-back?

Only in violence is there any real and significant change in our world - because violence DEMANDS adjustment.  Suck it up, buttercup.  These are not my rules.  I simply recognize them.  A lion eats a lamb - violent and advancement.

Bill.  Alan.  LT.  ToneDeaf.  M1A.  There are more - who will not be recognized publicly, because they have chosen to remain below RADAR. I trust not more than 1 dozen Patriots that I have met in as many years.  Take that for what you will.  Fuck the Establishment - or they WILL FUCK YOU.

Mother Nature rules this world.  God - if you prefer.  I am far too mortal and simple to know the difference.

Cut a throat in a 'Sanctuary City' and see what happens.

Gut a Social Security Parasite like a fish, and see what happens.

Burn a Brown Shirt's house to the ground in Pennsylvania, and see what happens.

Elect a President Trump - and see what happens.

Choose not to support the positive changes a President Trump brings - see what happens.

The moment real 'change' starts, so many of you 'Patriot' and 'III' cocksuckers revealed yourselves and dropped the tags and ran for the cover of your pensions and disability payments and bi-weekly paychecks from some .gov entity.  The REAL Threepers, the REAL Patriots, - the REAL AMERICANS remain standing and ready to go to arms.

III.  You are - or you are not.

Many of you know this blog has rigged for silent running over the last several months.

Many of you also know we have been working beneath the radar.

I need a serious III Patriot with Comms skills to write us a paper on staying in connection via low-power radio from ships and boats in coastal and semi-coastal waters.  Please send when able for publication.

We need a Patriot who is willing to trade a serious low-power radio system for a complete III Arms no-paperwork 1911 kit.  (Choose your own custom slide engraving). We need an Elecraft KX-3 system (160-2) - ready to roll on all bands and with all accessories.  In exchange we'll trade a III Arms 1911 kit - details here. Let us know if you are ready to go.  Square us away quickly, we'll include a III Arms AR-15 upper with mil-spec BCG as well.

Patriots - if you think the revolution ended when President Trump was elected - you are wrong.

The revolution just began - there are Jefferson's to come and we need to be working every day to forward what we see today.  If we do not do it - it will not be done.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Draining the Swamp...

This is what it looks like - ugly and painfully slow.

One brick at a time - one traitor at a time.

Here's the memo.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Read & Think, please.

The coming fight is not what many of you may think.

It's your neighbor, stupid...


Monday, January 29, 2018

FLASH: Delta Sierra 09

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36106 84733 06832 98254 
99722 57104 76209 74109


For the rest of you: HERE.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The so-called collapse of communism is just a slogan for knuckleheads...

American Thinker recently carried Paul Gottfried’s article, Misreading Putin, in which Gottfried commits a number of errors. First, Gottfried says that Putin was never really a communist; and second, he suggests that the Russian Federation is not a continuation of the Soviet Union. In the paragraphs that follow I will present evidence that Putin has always been a communist, and the Russian Federation was and is a false front behind which the old communist structures continue to operate.

Because this subject is of grave importance to our country, and because the danger of war is growing day to day, we should no longer allow naïve judgments about Russia to pass without contradiction. Of course, I have great respect for Professor Gottfried. His writings are fascinating, his conversation is full of wit and fun – but on this subject he is wrong.  

The professor begins his article by criticizing the practice of linking Putin with the KGB as a result of Putin having been a KGB officer and a former head of the Russian special services. It was from his job as chief of the FSB (formerly KGB) that Putin was promoted to the office of Prime Minister by President Boris Yeltsin. This took many people by surprise at the time. According to Professor Gottfried, linking Putin with the Soviet special services is “an attempt to view him [Putin] and his regime as an extension of the Soviet Communist one.” Gottfried goes on to write, “This is a glaring misreading of the cultural and political changes in Russia since the 1990s.” He adds, “There isn’t much evidence that Putin was ever anything but a Russian nationalist, who worked for the Soviet rulers of the Russian empire before they fell from power.”

This statement is nonsense because there is plenty of evidence.,,

More, here.

Please THINK, Patriots.  Stop 'feeling'.  Stop accepting the stupid conclusions offered  by stupid people and provocateurs.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Save the World - Kill Communists

An ally dropped this pic in email the other day.

And for the record - yes...

...every one of you out there collecting disability or any other form of welfare (beyond what you paid into the system and .mil retirees) are propping up the Communists and tyrants and Statists in America.

Shame on you.

Friday, December 15, 2017

2017: Semi-Recap

Sorry for the online absence, folks.  H and I have been focused on several non-III projects and 'Life'.  She's been traveling with a college girlfriend as well - Seattle, San Francisco, Napa, and more.

It is time to begin easing back into a few of our ongoing III projects and ramp them up to the next level for 2018.  In that regard, check the Jedburgh Academy site for our February schedule, here.  If you think you are up for it, register and secure your place in class.  Travel: If you are flying into the AO for classes - GEG and a 4X4 rental are your best bets.  Simply getting to St. Maries can be a challenge in February!  My local students: If you are Blue Belt of higher, class is free.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered gear through III Arms and III Gear this year.  Your support is awesome and humbling.  2017 has been our best year yet!

For those of you who have eased-back in the fight since President Trump was elected - GET ON YOUR FEET!  Help us press the advantage.  He can't win the fight for us - he needs ground troops - and that is you and me!  2017 was a great year for the III Society.  Help keep the momentum - let's not squander the opportunity.

Tyranny and Evil are winning the death fight against Liberty.  But it is one fight at a time - and if you refuse to yield we have a chance...

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Swamp

You do understand that the Judge Moore drama is a pure and blatant Establishment Republican political hit, yes?

There are zero D's attached to this one.

RevWarIII is in full effect...

Friday, November 3, 2017

Bolshies, man...

Communism is not dead.

It is stronger and more entrenched today than it has ever been.

Very few major Leftists self-identify as 'Communists', especially in the American Left.  They've re-branded.  They've evolved some of their tactics and even strategies.  

But the Doctrine remains as it ever was: world domination.

Here's a piece in the WSJ.  That organization is 'Globalist' in its world view.

They are mentally incapable of recognizing how thoroughly 'Communist' they have become.

Most people are equally as blind.  They'll cash that welfare check or .Gov paycheck for their entire lives - while claiming (and even believing) that they are solid Patriots on the proper side of the 'Liberty' question and 'Liberty best practices.